High-Performance Fans and Blowers

Brushed Axial Fans

Suitable for heavy duty conditions. Sealed, waterproof, IP68 certified, dustproof, durable and reliable with superior performance.

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Brushed Centrifugal Blowers

For A/C ventilation or heating systems, available with single and double impellers. Silent, durable and reliable with superior performance.

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Brushless Axial Fans and Centrifugal Blowers

New generation of ventilators with B/Less technology with excellent performance. IP6k9k certified, exceptional lifespan, suitable for all heavy duty applications.  

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Spal Strengths

From concept to series production

Internal know how that guarantees succes on the market

100% IN-HOUSE production, testing and validation equipment

High performance and quality products without compromising

SPAL utilizes in-house technical expertise to develop the most advanced products with an innate understanding of all aspects of Fluid dynamics, Thermodynamics, Electronics, Electro-magnetics and Mechanics.

Wide Application Experience

We serve a wide range of automotive industry sector by supplying the world leading OEMs, high quality HVAC, engine (oil and water) cooling equipment and mobile refrigeration.

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News and events

Get a look inside SPAL worldwide news and events.Discover our latest appearance and successes.

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