Customer requirements and satisfaction are of crucial importance to SPAL which not only ensures the quality of its products and company processes keyed to constant upgrading, but also the quality of its organization in terms of cutting-edge technological resources and, above all, in terms of human resources, shaped to find and define the various needs, as well as provide effective and reliable solutions.

Human resources are therefore an added-value factor to SPAL, for the company's success on the market, as much as its employees are involved and motivated, totally aware of the importance of the customer and able to express a high degree of professional expertise when it comes to the presented solutions.




Initially manufacturing technical components in plastic, the business has developed over the past 40 years with SPAL actively engaged in the Automotive Industry, designing, manufacturing, and marketing axial and centrifugal electric fans.

The experience acquired in the Automotive Industry has made the company extremely competitive and also given it important and international credibility, thanks to the ongoing support given to research and development. The company has quickly established a reputation for itself in terms of advanced and cutting-edge technology solutions.


The next advance in automotive technology is just around the corner and SPAL keeps pace with this, through constant innovation.
SPAL designers and engineers are engaged in continually refining products bespoke to clients requirements working closely with OEMs and seeing new ideas from initial concept to finished form.
Keeping current environmental requirements, SPAL uses its expertise to produce products that meet emission standards, operate efficiently and reliably.

Several fully-automated production lines are in operation with the capability to produce over 5 million fans and blowers each year.

Core Competencies

SPAL utilizes in-house technical expertise to develop the most advanced products with an innate understanding of all aspects of Fluid dynamics, Thermodynamics, Electronics, Electro-magnetics and Mechanics.

The Product Engineering department swiftly leads development for each new component of the fan or blower. This includes: Tooling design & production bringing to life our plastic injected parts, Performance blade dynamics study and creation, Drive motor design optimization & production all being fully integrated with proprietary electronics hardware and firmware.

Testing & Validation: SPAL laboratories has the capability to test and perform in-house product validation based on Customers specification.


The entire production process from design to rapid prototyping to tooling, testing and manufacture is managed and controlled in-house.

Research & Development

SPAL invests in the future.

All SPAL fans components are studied and developed to meet the utmost customer’s requirements. Therefore research & development department is equipped to oversee each component of the fan: from its motor to its blade, its software and hardware up to testing its performance under all kinds of conditions.