LAMMA 2024

SPAL will participate in LAMMA 2024, the UK’s Premier Agricultural Machinery and Technology Show, taking place on January 17th and 18th at the NEC, Birmingham.

Come visit us at Stand No. 7.400.

Find out more about the exhibition on Spal Automotive UK’s website:


Supplier of the Year GM 2022

We are thrilled to finally hold in our hands the General Motors award for Supplier of the Year 2022. It is an immense satisfaction for all our employees who played a pivotal role in adding this remarkable milestone to our records.



Improvements of our Plastic Inject Moulding

This year we will be further improving our plastic injection moulding department by automating the process of packing small parts of our low tonnage presses of 55 and 100 tonnes. 
On average our injection moulding department sees around 4000 moulds changed every year, 6 million parts produced every month and around 26 tonnes of thermoplastic material processed every day. 
With 130 people working, a total of 78 presses either electric or hydraulic, of which 11 high tonnage ones (between 650 and 1800 tonnes) are fully automated, this department is a testament to our commitment to technologically advance and constantly improve our production processes as well as the daily activities of our people.


SPAL wins Supplier Of The Year 2022

SPAL has been named by General Motors Supplier Of The Year 2022!
The award recognizes distinguished global suppliers that exceed GM’s requirements, in turn providing GM customers with innovative technologies and among the highest quality in the automotive industry.
Being awarded Supplier Of The Year is a testament not only to the high quality and reliability of our products and projects, but also to the amazing work that all of our employees do every day


Study of a system of Continual Learning for the validation of a model of Anomaly Detection

The end of 2022 saw the completion of the first part of the project “Study of a system of Continual Learning for the validation of a model of Anomaly Detection”, which was done in collaboration with the Center on Artificial Intelligence (AIRI) and GO@AI UNIMORE of Modena Technopole.

The goal? To optimise the process of assessing Spal’s product compliance thanks to deep neural networks; vision systems based on verification Neural Networks, which are more efficient and technologically advanced than the ones employed before.

In September 2022,  GO@AI installed the first prototype at SPAL’s Headquarters. For it to be fully implemented, it had to automatically register all the information necessary to improve the company’s production processes.

At the end of the last year, the project produced a prototype resistant to variability and able to detect defects and anomalies in the company’s production processes which would be otherwise difficult to identify.

To support the introduction of this artificial intelligence model, Spal will provide specific training to its employees, in order to upskill production line operators, who need to be more and more competent and specialised.

This will be key to guarantee the acquisition of new skills and to reach continuous improvement, giving more value to the people and the central role they play in the production processes.

For this important project, SPAL Automotive will partner with Professor Rita Cucchiara’s team, composed of Matteo Fabbri Ph.D, Prof. Simone Calderara and Engr. Riccardo Gasparini, who will work with our Process Engineering team, led by Engr. Alberto Ballabeni.

The project will be carried out by SPAL Automotive’s engineers, among them Engr. Gianluca Maugeri and Lorenzo Moriello Ph.D., coordinated by Eng. Gabriele Santelli

This is only the first of a series of projects based on artificial intelligence that will create new applications and growth opportunities.

As such, SPAL is glad to continue this journey with the collaboration of the Center on Artificial Intelligence (AIRI) and GO@AI UNIMORE of Modena Technopole.


New High Voltage Brushless Fan

Increasing the efficiency of vehicles and matching new standards can be difficult, especially when talking about electric vehicles and in particular heavy duty application. That's why SPAL Automotive has utilized its experience and developed a High Voltage (HV) Brushless Fan Range with 850W and 2kW of power. New case, new electronic and new drive guarantee high standards, optimal performance and efficiency, bringing to market the benefits of high-voltage. Want to know more about this new range? Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


New SPAL Coolant Pumps

A cooling pump is an essential part of any vehicle cooling system.


Printed Circuit Boards

As of 2007, Spal Automotive has been producing its own printed circuit boards for its Brushless range. Made with the best technologies and rigorous processes, we guarantee high quality products perfectly suited to meet any vehicle specifications.


Bus Engine Cooling

The EEC (Electrical Engine Cooling) equipped with multiple Spal brushless fans consumes about 80% less engine power than the traditional single hydraulic or mechanical fan. Electrical fans are operated on demand at the required speed, optimizing the global efficiency of the cooling system. EECs with Spal fans will lead to fuel savings up to 10% and help noise management, avoiding any maintenance activity. On e-buses, multi fan array reduce power consumption of drivetrain and BTMS (Battery Thermal Management Systems) improve battery efficiency


Our Overhead Crane

At SPAL, we believe in bringing innovation in every area. This is why we own our very own overhead crane, which makes the loading process of containers faster and more efficient. Not only, it is possible to load containers in just about 30 minutes, as opposed to the 2 hours needed with a traditional ramp, but with the use of an optical reader our loading process is exremely reliable, without loading errors.


New high torque air cooled fan

Discover our new high torque sealed brushless fan, with air cooled electrical drive up to 3000W
Powerfull, Efficient and Reliable.


New Photovoltaic System

At Spal we strive to create a more sustainable future and consider sustainability an important corporate objective.
Hence, we have started the installation of our photovoltaic system which will provide 25% of our energy needs.

An important investment for an extraordinary achievement that demonstrates the commitment of our management to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible.


SPAL has been awarded the Supplier Quality Excellence Award 2021 by General Motors

For the fifth time in a row, SPAL has been awarded the General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award, which honors the high quality and reliability of SPAL’s products and projects. We are one of the 7 suppliers who received this prize more than 5 times. All thanks to our leading-edge technology and to the proactive approach that our employees have demonstrated throughout our long-lasting collaboration with General Motors. This prize recognises the excellence of SPAL, built on the passion and dedication of each and every employee.